The ancient village of Cengio Alto, in the province of Savona, hosts the laboratory of Origine distillery, created in 2004 by partners Luca Graffo and Alessandro Pancini, who immediately focused on 100% organic production. The production process has resulted in artisan liquors that draw inspiration from local recipes and modernise them through rigorous choices to achieve high-quality standards and product traceability. Equipped with all the necessary tools, the laboratory specialises in cold infusion, vacuum distillation, and natural decantation. The raw materials used derive solely from organic farming: medicinal herbs, sugars, and wheat alcohol, all carefully selected and certified, with no artificial aroma involved. The water is sourced from Fonti Bauda (Calizzano) and Lurisia (Maritime Alps) springs. The result is a range of spirits (notable are the single-herb liqueurs) amari, and whole grain distillates authentic in essence and with unique characters. Particular attention is paid to the packaging, which evokes the futurist aesthetic.