Giulio Arudi is the reference flavorist who in 1923 with his manual offered a real overview of the liqueur industry of the period. His recipe for classic vermouth owes its rebirth to Martino Balbo, who in 1916 founded his award-winning Liqueur Factory paying homage to “L’ora del Vermouth”. Balbo fully grasped this opportunity and immediately distinguished himself for his spirit of innovation. Martino Balbo in fact won medals and honors between 1922 and 1923, the latter gold at the International Exhibition of Inventions and Industrial Progress. In 1924 he received the Diploma of Merit from the Ministry of National Economy and became a supplier to His Excellency the Duke of Genoa. The supply of the Real Casa was an important achievement, coveted by many liquor companies, and was immediately displayed on the label. In 1940 the Vermouth Balbo trademark was registered. When the company closed in the 1980s, the machinery was sold, while the papers and documents were closed in cardboard boxes. Max and Mirna Bernardini, liqueur makers by trade (the family company, Vertosan, produces liqueurs and gin in the Aosta Valley), are passionate about the history of the Premiata Fabbrica Liquori e Vermouth Martino Balbo to the point of bringing the classic Vermouth recipe back to life, which today returns to the market bearing the name of the book’s author as a tribute. Thus was born Arudi, Vermouth di Torino, in the Red, White and Dry versions.