Operarossa Bitter

From the collaboration between 1492 Coloniale Group and the Rossi d’Angera distillery, one of the oldest distilleries in Italy founded in 1847 in Angera, on the shores of Lake Maggiore. 170 years of history and 5 generations committed to spreading the culture of quality drinking – in 1931 Rossi d’Angera received the Royal Coat of Arms with the legend “Patent of the Royal House of Savoy” – which thanks to the initiative of Arturo Rossi and the late Davide Garazzini led to the creation of this contemporary bitter, inspired by the tradition and classic taste of the Italian Aperitif.

Operarossa can be defined as “green” due to the bitter notes of medicinal herbs, recognizable from the first sip. The excellent balance between its ingredients gives the drink personality and character. Persistent and full-bodied, it is a tribute to the elegance and tradition of Italian bitters made as they once were.