Tinto de Mezcal, a brainchild of Alessio Melia, merges Italian and Mexican cultures, creating a unique category blending wines and distillates. The production process is entrusted to the deft hands of Tommaso Botter and the oenologists of the Venetian winery “Caneva di Giancarlo”. Tinto de Mezcal method of production foresees that in an empty cask, previously soaked with Merlot, the Malacara mezcal is introduced, using the barrel as if it were a bottle of classic method: making it rotate ¼ at a time to allow its slats to soak with liquid uniformly.  After removing the mezcal, the cask is left to rest until it is completely dried, and then it is filled with the wine of the previous year – a blend of Merlot Doc del Basso Piave and Granaccia – and left to age for up to six months. The name is a pun: ‘Tinto’ means red wine in Spanish, while in Italian, it has the double meaning of ‘painted’.