Santiago de Matatlàn is also known as the capital of the mezcal, and it is here that Malacara is produced. Malacara is a mezcal that owes its name to Don Silvestre Malacara. Legend has it that Don Silvestre lived in various communities in the central valleys until 1932, when his archaeologist friend Alfonso Caso found gold and jade in Montalbán. Mindful of his mining childhood, Don Silvestre returned to his native land and, throughout Mexico, what he had found most precious during his wanderings: the agave elixir. At the helm of Malacara today, there are José Luis Hernàndez and> Armando Hernàndez Lorenzo, the third generation of mezcalieri who, for 75 years, continued to produce mezcal traditionally, scrupulously following the traditional process. The agaves used have matured for at least 11 years, and three new ones are planted for each agave for a concrete concept of productive sustainability.