Moonshine’s story is rooted in the period of Prohibition. As its name suggests (in Italian, “Chiaro di luna”), it refers to the illegal alcohol produced in the States during that period. Today, it is a legal distillate, produced in several distilleries under the name of Moonshine. Moonshine dei Monti Liguri, 100% of Sassello and faithful to the American tradition, was born from the passion of Mr. Camillo, grandfather of the current owner and founder of the mill where production takes place. All Moonshine is produced from spring water and cereals grown in the fields adjacent to the distillery, ground with natural stone, and then mashed and distilled in the Ancient mill of Sassello. The characteristic ribbed bottle is a tribute to the millennial tradition of Altare glass. This territorial product refers to the bottle used by grandmothers for milk or wine, still a reference for several oil mills in the west of Liguria.